Q de Bouteilles

Welcome to the world of Q de Bouteilles

Q de bouteilles is a family-run business founded in 2016, a manufacturer specializing in the recycling of glass containers. In our workshop based in Le Touquet (North of France), we offer a second life to empty wine bottles, transforming them into glasses and home decoration objects. Glasses, vases, scented candles… Behind its apparent simplicity, each piece is unique.
Gauthier and Victoire, the company’s founders, together with their 20 collaborators, aspire to create the classics of tomorrow, made from recycled materials. An object that was once waste is transformed into a design and durable object, with new aesthetics and functions.

From bottle to glass

At the origin of the brand, there is no particular strategy. Just a fleeting vision, a basic idea after a party with friends. The idea of cutting a bottle of wine in half to make a glass.
Upcycling is the basis of the story, just as the CSR dimension is the basis of the company’s logic. Q de bouteilles works with the iconic glass bottle, respecting its history and function. Recycling for pleasure as much as for duty. Transforming, without distorting too much.


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Elevate Your Space with Q de bouteilles

Rediscover elegance with Q de bouteilles! Elevate your space with our unique home decor crafted from recycled glass containers. From wine bottles to exquisite glasses, each piece tells a sustainable story. Shop now and transform waste into timeless design. Embrace the beauty of upcycling!