About Us

Luxury Interiors is a consultancy and trade agency, sister company to Alba Sales Consulting. Luxury Interiors is actually a distribution project conceived and developed by Alba Sales Consulting with some specific purposes.

It arises from our experiences and reflections over the years, together with our partners, on the new concept of luxury interiors. In fact, one of the themes that has intrigued me most in recent years has been the evolution of the new dimension of luxury.

Our concept of luxury is not banal, but pondered and thoughtful. Sophisticated and exclusive luxury, the authentic one, is now understood as individual and personal. Luxury not loud, but sober, measured, calibrated, purified of any excess or redundancy.
Luxury no longer exists, if we simply understand it as something expensive and show-off, in the era of inclusive design and the supreme value of time, our goal today is to create objects of everlasting beauty, which represent the values of contemporary society mainly the individuality of the customers and the customizations, the “created ad hoc” project.

What values does Luxury Interiors interpret? Our partners provide good interior architecture, friendly, designed for those who will use those spaces, An art form has a timeless value, which travels through the history of man and current tastes. The architecture and interior design projects that our partners define as luxury are those made to last over time, for the vision, the shapes, the profound harmony and the sense of proportions, the choices of materials and finishes. Luxury Interiors are projects destined to survive the contemporary world.

Another theme that I liked to delve into is the influence that the culture of design coming from the Nordic countries is orchestrating the style of today’s environments, translating into interior key concepts of contemporary furnishings such as sobriety, light elegance from architecture to products. the generosity of the spaces and the precision of the volumes.
We dedicate several sections of the site to this vision and to exemplary presences marked by pure lines and calibrated volumes built by subtraction, the unique and almost avant-garde identity of some of the most innovative Danish brands in our portfolio, domestic spaces with a Scandinavian touch where to create the intimate and welcoming atmosphere is an essentiality made of light, soft tones, clean lines

While public tastes, themes and trends change and fluctuate in an often unpredictable way, I like to think that the roots of our future and our compass remain very solid and stainless principles such as quality, beauty, craftsmanship, the value of culture, elegance, know-how, essentially the praise of beauty that conquers time and which makes our everyday life ever more beautiful and pleasant, today as then when I began to deal with design.

Alfonso Leonessa