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In Arabic zellige means “little polished stone”. Prize for imperfection.

Zellige tiles are hand-molded, hand-glazed and hand-cut ceramic tiles made from Moroccan clay. These stunning tiles have exceptional colour, rich and nuanced colour variation, wonderful surface texture and a brilliant finish across which light gracefully dances. No two zellige tiles are alike, and the hand of the artisan is ever-present. These stand-out beauties remind us why unique and handmade products are covetable.

Popham Design loves handmade tiles. They have an unabashed passion for colour. Popham Zellige is infused with our signature sense of fun and endless possibilities. With this collection, they aim to introduce some new shapes, scales and colour combinations to this ancient medium, a similar edit they brought to concrete tiles.

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Discover Popham Zellige: Handcrafted Moroccan tiles, a celebration of imperfection and artisanal beauty. Elevate your space with unique colors and playful designs. Experience the endless possibilities of our collection and transform your surroundings with timeless allure.