Nuura / Florii and Blossi Table Mini

During 3 days of design, @Nuura will present two new collections – FLORII and BLOSSI TABLE MINI PORTABLE.
Florii – designed by Jessica Vedel
The Florii lamps emerge with natural grace, creating a captivating and artistic expression that draws the eye towards their soft, organic forms. Complementing the design, a linear metal rod in a dark bronze finish provides a sense of structure and contrast, adding depth while holding the shades in place.
Integrated LED technology delivers efficient and long-lasting illumination that can be easily replaced without the need for tools. The dimmable light source, subtly diffused by the opal glass, offers adaptable and customisable lighting to suit any mood and environment.
Blossi Table Mini Portable – designed by Sofie Refer
The Blossi Table Mini, designed by the award-winning lighting designer Sofie Refer, is the latest addition to the Blossi lighting collection. Designed to capture the essence of Nordic light, the portable lamp offers adaptability, elegance and innovation in a compact, lightweight design that moves with you.
Expanding the possibilities of illumination with its portable form and adjustable light, the Blossi Table Mini is crafted with energy-efficient LED technology. A replaceable LED disc reflects light within the shade, resulting in a warm, indirect glow, while the dimming function allows you to adjust the ambience according to mood or need.