Nuura / The Good Light

Natural light is crucial for our well-being. Light significantly impacts our circadian rhythm, energy levels, mood, and overall health, and recent research shows that a lack of daylight can affect our mental health.

Today, quality LED light sources can compensate for the lack of natural light and support the circadian clock. This is particularly essential in modern life, where we tend to spend a lot of time indoors; and especially for people living in Nordic countries who experience dark winter months.

Nuura team works diligently with a concept called The Good Light and how light affects us and our well-being. This focus places high demands on the current work with lighting and the development of new lamp designs:

Light is an extremely effective element in an interior design. It must not only be aesthetic, the lamps must also provide quality of life,” says co-founder and creative director at Nuura, Sofie Refer.