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Nuura = means light & honour
In the Arabic world Nuura means: light

A Danish lighting brand set to meet growing demand for beautiful chandeliers, outstanding and spectacular.
Imbued with Danish Design, where a design piece must have a reason why, there must be a function, it must be durable and sustainable. Danish design used to be too minimalistic, too pure. Nuura is striving to keep a balance between Danish roots being more sensual and glamourous.
When we look at Nature everything is so beautiful, so rich, so sensual, once again Nuura is striving to add something to the Danish heritage. For example, to use colors in the glass. That was no so usual at the time, though soon turned quite popular. Nuura: exclusive chandeliers, beautiful, though in a Nordic way.
Very unique, decorated, in large sizes, rich in a Danish way, rich still in a pure way.

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Nuura was born with the aim of satisfying the growing demand for spectacular chandeliers, designed and created for large imposing spaces.

Exclusive chandeliers, beautiful in a Nordic key, balanced between Danish roots and the pleasure of making them more sensual and glamorous

Over time the collection has expanded to home interiors, bathroom and outdoor solutions, keeping the same lightness and elegance, many solutions that seem to me to be tailored for everyday rooms, even the chandeliers, however spectacular, are sized up to be ideal and non-invasive for everyday living areas of our homes. On a human scale.