Luconi has developed its skills through the manufacturing of a natural material: glass. Luconi has trusted in its know-how and has chosen to open the way to new possibilities. Glass met aluminium, a modern, natural, flexible, trendy material. Luconi is a company that has decided to cooperate with international designers, aiming to prestigious contracts. For every product it uses information technologies and appropriate installations that show quickly and easily assembling, richness of accessories and high technical qualities.


A manufacturing company specializing in interior glass partitions and doors such as sliding, pivot, hinged, and pocket doors, working on residential, commercial, and corporate buildings. However, we specialize in office glass partitions. Their production is in Ancona (Italy), and they provide service to the USA, the UK, and Europe. 


Luconi offers:  

Elegant Design . Unparalleled elegance for the modern facility using low-profile frames and minimal glass-to-glass joinery. Having a wide variety of powder-coated aluminium frames, we can provide custom-made products and adapt them to your design expression.

Effortless Installation. Dry-glazed assemblies and components like adjustable levellers that make installation easy and effortlessly compensate for imperfections in building conditions

Durable Flexibility. Luconi’s glass wall products focus on durability and simple adaptation/reconfiguration over time to promote flexible and long-lasting spaces.

Design Assistance. LUCONI’S product engineers guide you through selecting the appropriate partition systems.


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