Q de Bouteilles / Stemmed glass

The finesse of these bottles and their colours quickly inspired Q de Bouteilles’ team to create a series of stemmed glasses. An elegant glass, an everyday object for special occasions. It’s the perfect companion for a glass of orangeade or sparkling water. Sometimes a wine glass, slips in at the table for a rosé or a fresh white.

A product that lives up to our ambitions, designed entirely in France by hand, where delicate craftsmanship meets fragile materials. Since 2022, we’ve been extending our expertise to include glass bonding techniques. We created this glass by dint of sketches and assemblies. It’s a balancing act to find the right proportions, the right assembly and the harmony between body and foot. Green, brown and colourless, the three shades can be combined and assembled to create 9 different versions. A logical sequence of colours creates a unique set that you can compose as you wish.